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Kandava 2003

Alfaclub Kandavā (2003) Close

Latvian Alfa Romeo owners club was established in 2003., august 9. The aim is to unite the fans of this legendary Italian make all over Latvia. The main task of the club is to accumulate knowledge and experience of Alfa Romeo technical maintenance and to spread this valuable information between the admirers of the make in Latvia, as well as to establish connections with Alfa Romeo owners’ communities abroad.


Alfaclub Šlokenbekā (2006)

Alfaclub 2006.gada sezonas atklāšana Šlokenbekā Close

The club is organising events for Latvian Alfa Romeo owners on regular basis, in which the fans and owners of this make are actively involved, side by side with the official dealer “Auto Italia”. Events, such as “Legend of the fall”, “Season opening” and “AROMS”, became traditional and are now undoubtedly part of social life of an Alfa Romeo owner. As one can tell by their names, each of the events has their own meaning and setup:

  • “Season opening” event, taking part in the spring, is meant for Alfa Romeo owners to show their cars after a long Latvian winter and to experience the newest cars offered by the dealer “Auto Italia”.
  • “Legend of the fall” is a regularity rally, which target is to reach the finish, following a legend, which guides through the most beautiful Latvian regions during the most impressive season of the year.
  • “AROMS” is the most desired and also the biggest event in Latvian Alfa Romeo fan’s everyday life. Every year “AROMS” is taking place in the weekend that is the closest to the Club’s anniversary and the date of the very first event, which is august 9. Starting from the very first “AROMS” event, it has been attended also by Alfa Romeo fans from other countries.


Alfa Romeo muzejs Milānā

Alfaclub Alfa Romeo muzejā Milānā 2006.gadā Close
Besides the regular events, Alfa Romeo owners club has organised an unforgettable visit to the Museo Alfa Romeo in Arese, Milan.
The Club is also maintaining the annual participation of Latvian Alfa Romeo admirers in the events, held by Lithuanian Alfa Romeo owners club.
During the winter season, regular alpine skiing trips to the club’s favourite local hill Bākūzis in Vidzeme height are organised by the Club as well.
Besides that, every month the members of the Latvian Alfa Romeo club can imagine themselves as race drivers and take part in the club’s own go-cart championship.
In 2003. the Club took part in the Autoexotica show, attendants of which had an opportunity to see the unique Alfa Romeo 6C 2500 Sport 1939, as well as rarities like Spider and GTV.

Alfaclub izstādē 'Autoexotica 2003'

Alfaclub izstādē 'Autoexotica 2003' Close
In 2006. the internet portal “alfisti.lv” was established, thanks to the Alfa Romeo owners’ club efforts. In this portal an Alfa Romeo admirer can get the news, take a part in the discussion forum, create a virtual garage and get a complete knowledge about selected, but not yet purchased Alfa Romeo car. During the first few months alfisti.lv gathered nearly 300 registered users, thus becoming one of the most popular Latvian internet sites, dedicated to a car make.


Since the establishment of the Club, the gathering in an Italian restaurant has become a tradition. With a sip of grappa and a slice of Italian pizza the Club’s life is being organised, events planned, actual news discussed, as well as new members accepted. Not only the Club members, but also future members and just Alfa Romeo enthusiasts are warm welcome in this monthly gathering.
This meeting takes place in the first Wednesday of the month in Italian restaurant “Olive Oil Trading Co”, Pils laukums 4, Riga.


AlfaClub Racing

Alfaclub Racing Close
Since the club’s founding event, which took place in Kandava kartodroms, Club members’ passion has always been a desire to race. In 2013 through the Club members knowledge, experience and work, AUTOFFICINA technical capability was established AlfaClub Racing team, with Alfa Romeo 75 car participating in the Baltic Endurance endurance championship.


Alfa Romeo Giulietta Spider

Alfa Romeo Giulietta Spider Close
To become a member of the Latvian Alfa Romeo owners club, one has to prove himself as a good and careful owner of his Alfa Romeo. This can be proven by an active participation in events organised by the Club, attendance in the monthly gatherings in the Italian restaurant and taking part in the alfisti.lv discussion forum. In the end, the candidate has to express his will to become a member of the Club to an existing member. If none of existing members has an objection, the candidate becomes a member at the monthly meeting.

Club members have an access to the discount and bonus privilege system, and every member receives a set of Club member’s attributes, consisting of bumper stickers, shirts, caps, keychains etc.

The annual fee of the Club is 45,- EUR per year. The Club’s year begins in the 1st of September and ends in 31st of august. The annual fee is the fee for the first year of the membership, not respective of the reception date. The collected finance resources are helping to cover the expenses of the Club’s existence, as well as to cover miscellaneous representative and management related expenses. A full report of the usage of these resources is sent to a member of the Club once a year or upon request.


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